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This short note is to thank Dan Peacock and for making us an extraordinary day.

The 3 of us (my wife Kim, son Jake and I) had planned this excursion of a day’s outing canoeing along the Roseway River to celebrate Jake’s thirteenth birthday and his beginning of adulthood.

We brought Jake’s own kayak and rented one canoe for Kim and me while Dan and his daughter Katie used another of Dan’s canoes.

We arrived a little late and found the most relaxed atmosphere imaginable.

Our Day began with a short drive to our planned set off point on the banks of a nearby lake where we launched our canoes for a short paddle to the western leg of the Roseway river. We could hear the faint sound of faster running water ahead and our anticipation rose. Having never been on any fast water we quickly sought Dan’s re-assurance as to the river ahead and what to do. He calmly guided us through what turned out to be a short 25 foot run of light white water and then we were off and looking for more adventure and more white water.

Over the next 12 kilometers we experienced it all. From lovely quiet stretches of river to exciting true white water reaches, some parts definitely requiring us to portage our canoes.

We stopped for lunch at a riverside log cabin that Dan had previously arranged for us to use and enjoyed a short break and lunch with homemade bread prepared by Dan’s wife before we were off again. This local river offers an amazing variety of scenery and experiences. In the safe and competent hands of Dan Peacock we enjoyed it all.

Dan knows his stuff, as he safely navigated us through calm, white water, and portage portions of the western branch of this lovely stretch of water. Dan is a worthy guide that you can safely trust to provide you a great day.

-David, Kim & Jake Levy